Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stop the Press - The Hook Magazine - Summer 2009

Just another magazine alert. This time my work is featured in The Hook, the Journal of Carrier Aviation, summer issue.

The article, again on the S-3 Vikings final days, was written by long time friend and mentor Tony Holmes. Some of you may remember Tony's article in Combat Aircraft on VS-22. Well this is the article that should have appeared there, not the edited down piece that ran. The article is nine pages long and features eight of my images of the Vidars.

This magazine and organization are near and dear to my heart because they were the ones that gave me my first opportunities at getting published. Without that support, I wouldn't be doing what I do today. The Summer issue has just been wrapped up by managing editor Jan Jacobs and will be available only to members of the Tailhook Association. If you're a fan of Military Aviation, especially Naval Aviation, and want to read about the issues facing our aviators today and what is going on in the fleet, I strongly recommend joining the Tailhook Association. It's much better than anything you're going to get on the internet. You can find out more at:


On another note, I just got back from an extended trip to NAS Key West where I was fortunate enough to work with VFC-111 SunDowners again. Look for another update about that trip soon.

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  1. Good shooting as always Fuji. The VFC-111 a-2-a images you sent me were superb.

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